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Netarts Bay to Cannon Beach: The Perfect Oregon Coast Day

  • May 29, 2017
  • By Heather Benac
Netarts Bay to Cannon Beach: The Perfect Oregon Coast Day

I can wax long of my love for Oregon for many reasons but not the least of which is its diversity. You can be thick in the mountains with rivers and streams and then a few hours later boom! You’re taking in the waves against its emerald backdrop. Man, Oregon you got it going on! I’ve shared other highlights from our trip this past summer here and here, but let me share now the leg along of our trip along its coast.

We started out our day by breaking down camp at Cape Lookout State Park. This is a fantastic campsite for anyone wanting to camp near the beach. Though I will say there’s not a lot of greenery around the camping sites so you’ll have a clear view of your neighbors. What it lacks in trees, it makes up for its proximity to the ocean (a 60 second walk from our campsite). Did I mention they also have private, hot showers? What a welcome relief after a few days roughing it!

But I digress. We started our drive by making a stop at Jacobsen Salt Co. which was right on our route to Tillamook. Jacobsen Salt Co. is recognized nationally as offering some of the purest sea salt available due to their laborious process of harvesting and purifying the salt that a longer duration than most other sea salts you can buy. The coolest aspect of course is that it’s all harvested right there from Netarts Bay. I had seen their products before and was delighted to stop by their operations for their little tour and taste testing. We picked up some great items from their gift shop before admiring the bay before heading off again.

After more than one stop to photograph the beautiful views we made it to Tillamook. You might be familiar with this name from the dairy company started in Tillamook, Oregon. If you’re in the area it’s a great stop off to learn more about their company story, operations and sample their products. We had a delightful lunch in their restaurant, completed the free self-guided tour and then finished with our obligatory ice cream cones. It’s was loads of fun but I will say at least the day we went, it was quite crowded.

We were off again now headed to Arch Cape. We checked into our charming bed and breakfast before heading out again to enjoy the scenery. Sunny days on the coast I hear can be rare so we weren’t about to lose a second of this glorious sunshine. Which was a wise choice given that the next day it was gray and drizzly.

We spent the rest of the afternoon and evening at Oswald West State Park. The park offers great hiking through its coastal rainforest before ending at Cape Falcon. It’s was a beautiful meander through the massive western red cedar, western hemlock, and Sitka spruce trees that form the rainforest. As dusk fell we took a short cut to the beach below and lucked out to be invited to take over someone’s bonfire as they were leaving. Pacific Northwest. Beach. Bonfire. The stuff of which youthful, adventurous hearts are made.

We warmed ourselves by finishing our day with delicious clam chowder from The Pelican Brewing Company in Cannon Beach. This definitely hit the spot before retiring to our cozy bed and breakfast for the evening.

Thank you so much Oregon for this perfect day. You didn’t disappoint!

The Explorer's Edit | Camping at Cape Lookout State Park State Park
The Explorer's Edit | Jacobsen Salt Co
The Explorer's Edit | Netarts Bay, Oregon
The Explorer's Edit | Tillamook Ice Cream Factory Tour, Oregon
The Explorer's Edit | Charming Oregon Countryside
The Explorer's Edit | Oswald West State Park, Pacific Northwest
The Explorer's Edit | Hiking Oswald West State Park, Pacific Northwest
The Explorer's Edit | Cape Falcone, Oswald West State Park, Oregon
The Explorer's Edit | Cape Falcone, Oswald West State Park, Oregon
The Explorer's Edit | Bonfire at Oswald West State Park, Oregon

By Heather Benac, May 29, 2017
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