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Tips for the Perfectly Picturesque Lost Lake Resort

  • May 28, 2017
  • By Heather Benac
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Oregon has so much to offer not the least of which is their beautiful Mount Hood to the East. You can see it from many points in the area but if you want to get much closer without that whole mountaineering thing (saving that for another day of course!), I would definitely recommend spending some time at the Lost Lake Resort. Located about 45 minutes from Hood River and two hours from Portland and open May-October, it’s an easy drive with big rewards.

Here are some suggestions to make the most of your time there.

  1. Book a reservation in advance or arrive earlier in the day. I was told on the phone that I wouldn’t be able to a make a reservation for a campsite staying only one night so I would just snag one when we arrived. Due to a full day of exploring we didn’t roll into the resort until 6:00 PM and were very lucky to have gotten a campsite for a Monday evening at the end of August. Like seriously there were only two left by the time we got there. This place is popular and for good reason!
  2. This a very family-friendly resort. For those camping with kids, Lost Lake Resort makes it slightly less stressful by providing a general store for forgotten supplies, swimming, boat rentals, showers, easy hiking, etc. However if you prefer to avoid kids while in the wildness, you probably want to skip this one.
  3. There are many lodging choices available. Besides the traditional campsites, they also offer RV sites, yurts, cabins and rooms in their lodge. But I got the impression they fill up fast so be sure to make reservations early.
  4. Plan to get out on the water! The resort rents a number of different types of watercraft to meet all of your nautical desires. I mean seriously, there are few things in this world more relaxing to me than being out on the water with my eyes closed, as the waves and wind lap against the side of the boat. Extra relaxing points if the other person in the boat volunteers to do all the rowing. Thanks honey!
  5. The boat dock is another great place to relax and pass time with a gorgeous view. We spent some time there in the evening reading after everyone returned to their campsites and loved the tranquility and view.
  6. It gets chilly at night at the resort so pack accordingly. I’m not sure if it’s due to the higher elevation, or we just had a cold snap that evening, but our sleeping bags were not sufficient. I actually ended up sleeping in the car about 3:00 am because I was too cold to fall back asleep in our tent.
  7. The best views of the mountain are found from the “Viewpoint”, go figure, or in other words across the lake from the general store. Here are the great shots of the lake and Mt. Hood together making it the “Most photographed lake in Oregon”. Note: Not sure how that title is awarded…

Lost Lake is a treasure in the Oregon forest that allows you to comfortably delve into the Mount Hood area. We can’t wait to go back to Oregon and spend more time in the area.

By Heather Benac, May 28, 2017
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